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The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club (THMC) is based in Hollister California and is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the United States, established in 1947. Our club is exclusively Harley Davidson motorcycles, and will stay that way until the end of time.

The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club is a strong brotherhood of only serious motorcycle riders, and is not for everyone. We are not a social, weekender riding club, we are a brotherhood of bikers that take riding and flying our colors very serious.

Membership can be a very long and demanding process, requiring pure dedication and loyalty. This is a process that not everyone can fulfill.

The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club spends a majority of our time doing club functions that benefit our community. Riding and strengthening our brotherhood in the biker community is our number one priority. The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club also, maintains a strong regard for family, brotherhood and motorcycling. Our club members are bikers from the heart and are proud to be members in the brotherhood of the

Top Hatters Motorcycle Club.



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